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From the band's inception, Violent Bullshit had its priorities straight. With seasoned veterans hailing from Les Savy Fav, Orchid, Panthers, Battery, Halfman, and Black Army Jacket, they began by playing classic hardcore strictly for the fun of playing; the only priority was having a good time. Throughout the last few years of playing raucous basement shows and small venues in Brooklyn and New York City, they've evolved from a loose off the cuff style into a tight amalgam of hardcore that honors the classics while still pushing the genre forward. These five guys have been playing in bands all their lives and have now returned to the music they've loved. The result has been a long string of intensely fun, and occasionally legendary, live shows which have left everyone within earshot a converted fan.

Now Violent Bullshit has captured that intensity with their debut release. Adult Problems was recorded and mixed at DFA's Plantain Studios by Gunner Bjerk (engineer on LCD Soundsystem's "This is Happening") and mastered by Bob Weston of Shellac. It's a blistering 14 tracks in 14 minutes. Songs like "Insanity" and "Pot Friend" clock in at just over 30 seconds.

The music is aggressive while still accessible; catchy, concise songwriting is paired with lyrics that are witty and heartfelt, both stripped down to the bare essentials. Violent Bullshit has managed to make a hardcore record steeped in tradition without stumbling into the pitfalls of nostalgia. The record will be released digitally and in 2 limited editions of 12" 45rpm vinyl (100 blue and white and 400 black) available May 1st on the bands own label, Violent Responsibility Records.

Some Press:

"Brooklyn's Violent Bullshit lives up to its name, churning out wild, dissonant hardcore that's guaranteed to inspire drunken flailing." - Time Out New York

"In what some are referring to as "the king of late-90s hardcore returning to his rightful throne" and others "a guy from a band starting a new band like his even older band," Jayson Green of Panthers and Orchid has supergrouped himself in with some of the guys from Black Army form Violent Bullshit (VBS). Since this is the internet, there's no reason for me to waste a bunch of minutes trying to turn what they sound like (fast screechy hardcore) into weird adjectives and metaphors and then type them out. Listen for yourself" - Vice Magazine

"Violent Bullshit, a band whose name gets it and gets it some more, makes sure of that with a playful, cymbal-punishing approach to the phenomena that plague, entertain, and inspire us." - Philippe Theise The WG News